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ガオグライのWall Paper

とても素敵なガオグライの肖像画を描いてくださった mariaさんから、今度は壁紙のプレゼントです。

m05100818 m05100819




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投稿: laximi | 2005.10.08 13:31


投稿: ひら | 2005.10.08 15:55


投稿: ちい | 2005.10.08 17:01

Dear meew
I owe you much for your kindness.
Thank you~
I wish kaoklai to know meew's blog^<>^/


投稿: maria | 2005.10.08 19:51

>laximi さん、ひらさん、ちいさん

>maria - san
Everybody who saw your wall paper of KAOKLAI will be happy. I wish Kaoklao saw this wall paper. Surprise? Sure!

投稿: meew | 2005.10.08 20:11


投稿: 匿名希望 | 2005.10.08 23:35


投稿: meew | 2005.10.09 10:28


投稿: suvi | 2005.10.09 18:38

great wallpapers!
I would like to add them in my page

I would like to contact people of this blog
its great!

I am a big Kaoklai fan, I made his highlight video some time ago.

do you know about www.k-1fans.com/forum ?

you are wellcome friends :)

投稿: AL3X1S | 2005.10.11 07:55

Nice to meet you!
I'm big kaoklai fan,too!
Highlight video?Wow!It's wonderful☆
I want to see!!OK?

I know this URL!
But I can't read and write English very well.
I'm sorry when wrong.

投稿: 匿名希望 | 2005.10.11 18:44

You are the creator of those wallpapers and Kaoklai+Tiger portrait??

or who is the creator?

they are awesome, I like very much
Kaoklai is the best

I added them in my page
I will write there "made by TOKUMEIKIBOU"

I will send you a link to download the Kaoklai HighLight video when I can.

投稿: AL3X1S | 2005.10.11 18:56

No, it's not me.
It is Maria that portrayed the portrait!

Thank you!
Though I also want the person on this site to show it….

投稿: 匿名希望 | 2005.10.11 19:19


Thank you very much for leaving your comments on my blog. I am the administer of this blog.

The beautiful wall paper was creadted by Miss Maria who is Korean and fan of Kaoklai. Upper part of this column I think you can find the comment from "maria". She is the person. You can contact to her clicking the name of it. Miss Maria also drawed the picture of Kaoklai
(http://meew.air-nifty.com/diary/2005/10/post_e788.html). If you fly to these URL, I am sure that You will be deeply impressed.
(http://myhome.hanafos.com/~4529514/kao6.htm and

Not only I but many people come this blog know your site very well. It is very honorable to have you visit this blog. Thank you very much.

投稿: meew | 2005.10.11 19:32


Thanks for your compliment
I'm happy you like kaoklai wallpapers and portrait
Use them at your pleasure^<>^*
I know your homepage
It's very famous!!
so I often visit K-1Fans^<>^
Let's cheer kaoklai!

投稿: maria | 2005.10.12 01:44

thanx Maria
you have good skills with graphic design
your wallpapers, portraits and photos are apreciated, very good

I cant speak korean
but I see you can speak english :)

so visit also www.k-1fans/forum
there we share all k-1 videos

for example (Kaoklai vs Sefo, Kaoklai vs Nakasako in Titans2) and all of Kaoklai
because he is my favourite

I hope he sucess in K-1 Max and be the next K-1 world max champion :D

If you have more good stuff and want to share remember me ;)
see you

投稿: AL3X1S | 2005.10.12 04:33

Dear Miss maria

Your great works moved all kaoklai fans deeply.. of course, me..

If you OK, I woud like to let him know you and your great works (the portrait & the 2 wall papers).

Can I print them? and can I send them to him?

If you don't want, please don't hesitate to tell me. But I hope you'll give me permission.


投稿: SNOW | 2005.10.24 10:40



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